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NonProfit Funding Strategies 

NonProfit Funding Strategies

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E-Stores Create a New Source of Income for NonProfits

Painless Giving offers e-store purchased services throughout the US and internationally. This increases the income potential for nonprofits with an international presence.

E-stores earn up to 10% residual income from the services that individuals, families, and businesses order. E-store customers are contributing to their favorite nonprofit or political candidate every month by purchasing services they already use on a daily basis at very competitive rates; they are contributing with no additional out-of-pocket expense. Painless Giving!

Ordering from e-stores available through Painless Giving is similar to purchasing online from Amazon or your current wireless provider.

Painless Giving programs establish e-stores that offer merchant and essential services. 
E-stores produce a reliable monthly income from online orders made by members/donors. 

 State-of-The-Art Services
  • Merchant Services--our   best income opportunity!
  • Wireless Phone and WiFi
  • Satellite TV
  • Internet (including cable)
  • Energy (Gas/Electricity)*
  • Digital Phone
  • Video Phone
  • Home Automation
  • Home Security
  • Computer Support
Our services are mostly national brands that are brokered by an international telecommunications company with 20 years in the industry; this company is the e-store site host. It launches and maintains the e-stores and performs all billing and other support for fundraising e-stores.
* Energy is currently available in NY, PA, MD, MI, CA, and TX. Energy will be available in all other states as each state is deregulated. Deregulation of energy is mandated by the federal government.

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